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Are you saying you couldn't have talked to your dad, maybe persuaded him to give me a little more time to get back on my feet? Aw, hell. On my one damned foot?

He'd learned some hard lessons at Blackjack's side. Dusty was like a calf choking on a string of barbed wire tangled around its throat. When Trace was ten years old, he'd ignored his father's order to kill the animal and tried to untangle the wire. But the harder he'd worked to unwind the deadly garrote, the harder the calf had struggled, and the more it had suffered.

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He'd learned it was more merciful to simply kill the calf and end its pain. Dusty sank into the horn and cowhide chair, defeated.

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The crutch landed with a thump on the handwoven Turkish carpet that framed the two chairs in front of the desk. How am I going to support Lou Ann and the girls? Without my leg, I'll never ride well enough to work as a trainer. It would have been better for everyone if I'd died in that crash! Instead, my kids are being forced to leave the only home they've ever known, and Lou Ann is.

He glanced fleetingly at Trace, then away. So here I am. His friend was hurting, and he needed desperately to do something to take away his pain. But Dusty wasn't some poor, dumb animal that could be put out of its misery. Trace said the first thing that came into his head, an idea he'd been mulling over but had delayed acting upon, because he knew it would mean another fight with his father.

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How would you like to work for me? I'd rather starve in the street. I mean work for me. I'm starting up my own quarter horse operation. Trace managed a crooked smile. Who knows better what makes a good cutting horse than the man who's ridden a horse in the finals of the Futurity, the Stakes, and the Derby? Dusty rubbed the sandy-colored stubble on his chin. There isn't a man in South Texas who knows more about quarter horse conformation than I do.

And when it comes to cutting a cow from the herd, I can spot a horse with a knack for stopping and starting better than just about anybody. That's why I want you. Will you do it? He waited until Dusty met his gaze before he said, "Blackjack isn't making the hiring decisions. See All Customer Reviews. Shop Books. Read an excerpt of this book! Add to Wishlist. Later in , she got a degree in law with honors from the University of Texas Austin. After this, she worked with the Hunton and Williams firm in Richmond, Virginia as an attorney for about five years.

Joan Johnstone also worked as a newspaper editor and drama critic in San Antonio, Texas. She is a great writer who has done several books that are read world-wide.

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  6. Her historical fiction books are very smart and you can always get them online or locally from the nearest libraries and bookshops. The first book of the series was published in while the second book was published These are just but some of the books that make up the series. In order to get your copy, you need to go online and buy or read the book. Alternatively, you can get books at the local libraries and bookshops for an advanced reading. The book has pages and was first published on 1st February It has nine editions to date. The setting of the book is based in Texas, a place known of wide and open unbridled ambitions and prairies.

    The story revolves around two ranching families known as the creeds and the Blackthornes. The Blackthornes have got a son who falls in love with the gorgeous daughter of the Creeds. This is therefore a very passionate and vengeance novel that is full if star crossed love. The two families had been torn apart some eleven years ago and this also separated Trace Blackthorne and Callie Creed. At this time, Trace Blackthorne is one who applies the principles of what he was taught from the cradle.

    He has decided to take Callie Creed despite since he was always advised to take what he wants. Since Trace has now returned home, he has been made a great offer by a ruthless and hard-eyed stranger. His appeal to Trace is to marry Callie Creed in order to save her family that is really struggling financially. This is a very tough moment since, despite being in love with each other, the past memories of their own families are really haunting them.

    This is something they had no control over and Callie Creed has to be very prudent in her decision. She makes an impossible decision and very desperate of the family who really needs her and on the other hand, she is also dying to be with the only man she has always loved in her life.

    What did Callie Creed do? Did they finally end together? What were the reactions of the two families? Death of the Last Cowhand A poem about Tom Blasingame, which appears in Bitter Creek Junction , plus some links to additional information about Blasingame and a story about Linda's experience when she performed this poem at the Cowboy Poetry Gathering in Elko, Nevada in Please note: This book is also available on cd and audiocassette, read by the author; see below.

    Box Glendo WY phone: or Fax: website: www.

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    The entire text of the book read by the author; color insert with table of contents. Each honoree receives a Wrangler, an impressive bronze sculpture of a cowboy on horseback. For more information: www. Fine Arts Award winner Linda M. Hasselstrom, for her book of poetry, Bitter Creek Junction. Linda was living in Cheyenne, Wyoming at the time.

    The Wyoming State Historical Society recognizes individuals and organizations in the field of Wyoming History by an annual awards program. The awards are presented each year at the annual meeting of the Society on the Saturday following Labor Day. The meeting site for will be announced soon. Nomination forms for the awards are submitted through the local and county chapters of the Society. The Fine Arts Award is given to individuals or groups to recognize an outstanding accomplishment in the field of fine arts, commercial or non-commercial, with results in the depiction, promotion, recognition or preservation of Wyoming history.

    Nominations in the fields of painting, sculpture, functional pieces, drama, music, or other artwork will be considered. Click here for a webpage about more of Linda's awards and honors. Linda reads her poem "Death of the Last Cowhand" for the cd. The poem appears in her book Bitter Creek Junction published in , by High Plains Press , which is also available on a cd of its own. The cd will also include J. The majority of the cds produced will go to rural libraries across the West through Cowboy Poetry's outreach Rural Library Project.

    For more information: see the cowboypoetry. Sipped his coffee hot while Eleanor made breakfast.

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    Finished off a second cup, pecked her on the cheek and pulled his hat down tight. He saddled up the colt, a three-year-old, and raised a hand as he rode off. Likely she was watching from the kitchen window.