Guide Sustainable Masonry: Stability and Behavior of Structures

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The programme started in with a budget of Cdn. Its goal is to transform this historic landmark into a place that appropriately accommodates Parliamentarians and their staff in the 21st century, while preserving and enhancing, for all users, the symbolic presence of Parliament and its environment.

Modern building practice frequently seeks to utilise the benefits of private finance initiatives to incorporate a whole of life philosophy that drives innovation and efficient functional and financial outcomes through the application of Environmentally Sustainable Design ESD concepts.

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Major Privately Finance Initiative PFI building proponents seek market advantage through the application of ESD concepts to optimise the overall project costs by considering both capital cost and whole of life operating and maintenance expenditure. This paper discusses how a large international building proponent is integrating new technologies into its designs for medium and large scale projects to meet ESD concepts and is also influencing internal policies and practice to capture real benefits from ESD.

Sustainable Masonry: Stability and Behavior of Structures

Specific case examples, drawn from the UK and Australia, are used to reflect on the current application of ESD concepts and expectations into building practice and the potential for these concepts to be standardised. The paper concludes that there is further scope for consideration of 'Whole of Life costs and the development of improved outcomes for clients through the use of new design concepts.

Human life is movement that is not by and for itself, but within a dynamic world, within movements of higher order; these higher-order movements constitute the life of human systems, Starting from this assertion, cities are assumed to be complex systems that behaves like ecosystems with self adaptive properties or even, according to the Iyla Prigogine's theory, like dissipative structures. For this reason the base approach to urban and regional studies is shifted towards an eco-dynamic viewpoint that seeks to handle the increasing complexity of human settlements by investigating their dynamics and not merely observing their physical shapes' Its focus on both spatial and temporal patterns refers to a new paradigm for urban analysis.

An environmental accounting analysis and a new location based method for monitoring urban mobility processing cell phones location data , named Mobile Landscapes, have been applied in order to study locations and intensities of urban activities by assessing flows of energy and matter, goods and people, through urban regions. These methods, supported by a GIS technology, enable to understand the mutating complexity of the contemporary city and to reveal its complex dissipative behaviour or even its metabolism in the form of computed geographies.

Recently, in most of the world, there has been an increasing attention given to heritage. However, Hong Kong, as a financial canter, has concentrated on its economic development, and in that time, some of its cultural heritage has disappeared and heritage buildings have been allowed to deteriorate.

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This paper studies the declining Hakka Heritage in Hong Kong. It briefly outlines the history, character, costume, cuisine, and traditions of the Hakka people with special emphasis on their buildings. It also investigates the reasons behind the decline of this distinctive heritage in Hong Kong, and suggests that the main reasons for the deterioration of heritage buildings have been identified as poor maintenance, inappropriate cleaning methods, and the appointment of non-specialists in professional roles as well as unsympathetic alterations and repairs.

The findings suggest that the preservation of Hakka heritage requires work in what can be classified into three areas: legislation and policies, promotion and education to deal with the economic, political, human and social factors that affect heritage conservation in Hong Kong' Some recommendations on conservation of Hakka Heritage are discussed. The need to for the built environment to coexist with other natural systems has brought attention to the way buildings are designed and constructed. A building that has been designed to fit in its environment should ideally treat its own waste; utilize natural energy systems; blend with the environment; be culturally acceptable among other factors.

The importance of buildings that fit in their environment, termed bioclimatic buildings has been recognized in developed countries. Several case studies are highlighted in this paper.

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However, in developing countries, where several ecosystems are vulnerable, the concepts of bioclimatic design are yet to take hold. It is suggested that one the methods of encouraging bioclimatic design is to change the building regulatory system to a performance based system that has worked in other countries.

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Building design is founded on holistic and aspiration paradigms which may be interpreted, at least in part, in terms of a framework provided by the theory of dynamic systems and of complexity. In a dynamic design environment, such as the eco-building design, even basic clients' specifications with structural simple design context information on environment, economic, society, etc. Based on this understanding of the theory of complexity, this paper makes contributions in the theoretical and conceptual development of the methodology for defining the complexity in eco-design.

Theories on how complexity science relates to architectural design have existed for as long as complexity science itself. In architectural literature, fractal theories are used to explain the perceived beauty of randomness in past building practices, and chaos theories vindicate historic built environments because they had a more symbiotic relationship with the environment than buildings today. The literature has not found ways of observing recent directions in architectural design that coincide with new scientific views. This paper analyses contemporary architecture through a range of complexity theories to demonstrate how they exist in late twentieth century architecture' Observing the manifestation of complexity theories in contemporary architecture provides critical insights into the current field of architecture.

Not only can we read the theories, but we can visualise them too. If complexity theories can be translated meaningfully into architecture, then there is a basis for creating design theory from them.

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  • Cooperative Path Planning of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles.
  • Design theories offer ways out of outdated conventions. Contemporary architectural design relies on concepts that explain certain phenomena in the world to generate innovative design. Poor communication has long been a problem in Project Management. One of the inherent problems lies in the way the industry is organised. The project team is made up of various independent stakeholders and actors; their contributions vary, with information flow between them representing a complex problem.

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